alright it’s time to get srs.

I have had it with ppl around me using the n-word so fucking carefree as if they deserve to say that racial slur and perpetuate the stigma against dark-skinned black people. you obviously don’t understand why it’s UNACCEPTABLE for you to use it, so here I will spell it out for you. black people have been oppressed since slavery and, as you can see in the news of TODAY, their lives are still not perceived as worthy enough for life, even after their rights have been granted for voting and marrying interracially and being able to become president, etc. the n-word is a derogatory slur used to enslave the mass of black people from africa and was meant to dehumanise them and equate them to objects, property, animals, and so on. in case you need a reminder, black people endured a shitload during slavery: they were chained, beaten, lynched in public, set on fire, raped, molested, put in the utmost shabby living conditions, starved, murdered, among many other horrific things. and I know some of you will just be like “oh but I don’t mean it in that way” NO shut the fuck up just take that word out of your usable vocabulary unless you are a descendant from those who were oppressed by it, but I know a lot of you most definitely aren’t. you cannot use that word because you were not oppressed by the systems that enforced the hatred and discrimination against black people. you do not know their stories. you do not know their horrors. you cannot have “claim” to it because it has never affected you and will never affect you in your entire life. you will never be shot because of your ancestry + skin colour. you don’t understand the terror of years of enslavement and how that fear still resonates in generations after slavery was abolished. all non-black people shouldn’t use it and absolutely no one should use it in ways of demeaning someone else. i apologise for all the cussing but it just shows how serious i am and how serious this situation is. all around us young black people are being mass murdered by the privileged and using the word so nonchalantly dehumanises their experiences from racism and devalues their history. so please think how lucky it is for someone not to be able to call you a n***a and kill you because of it. stop that word.


lmk if there’s anything i should delete, add, edit, fix, etc! thank you!!